Automated Gift Card Balance system

I have a small business and would like to offer gift cards they will be my very own gift cards with a number and a magnetic strip on the card. my question is can I or can Asterisk be configured in such way that if a person calls using the phone number on back of my gift cards be prompt with a greeting and then be asked to enter the gift cards 16 digit number to find out the balance on the card.

I have a feeling that I would have to create a back-end database system to input the Gift Card Numbers and Balances. As for the actual data that would provide RTB (Real Time Balance) I already have the know-how to tie in with the BANK that the gift card money will be in. I just need Asterisk to play a greeting ask for the 16 digit number on the card and say the current balance in a computer voice. No other options nothing like transaction history nothing like that. just as simple as possible.


The answer is yes and you seem to have a good idea what you need as a backend system which Asterisk needs for the customer information.

For Asterisk Dialplan, check applications Answer(), Playback() and Read(). This should be enough to get you started.