Automated ticketing system?

Hi Guys,

I’m looking for a little information and guidance if anyone can spare me the time?

I am looking to set up an automated phone answering system for our company’s technical support department. Would it be possible for Asterisk to do the following;

  • Answer a call when the line rings (analog)
  • Play a pre-recorded message (from an MP3 or wave file)
  • Retrieve the caller’s phone number (from CallerID, if available)
  • Email the phone number to a specified address (
  • If the caller’s number was not available, play a recored message asking the user to dial their phone followed by a delimiter (like the asterisk key)
  • Email the keyed in response to a specified address
  • Play a recorded message
  • Terminate the call

This would allow us to manage customer support enquiries more efficiently - once the number is e-mailed in, one of our call center employees will call the customer back when they are free.

I know that playing back messages, and recognising keystrokes is part of Asterisk, but can it be configured to do the above?
The software will be run on a dedicated machine.

Many thanks, Adam.

It can be done with Asterisk.


Marco Bruni