Custom Calling Card app, asterisk Redundancy/load balance

Hi everyone;

We developed a Calling Card product that works with asterisk as gateway.
Basically there is a DID number configured in the box for inbound calls (or more than 1 if needed, like an 800 number), the call then is received; pin is asked, blah, blah, blah.

The calling card application runs in a separate machine than asterisk, so, multiple asterisks can hook to it at the same time, each one with a different inbound DID.

I will like, somehow, to share the incoming DID with all the asterisk servers and load the balance among them, if I have 3 asterisk servers, and all of them are running ok, I want to be able to load the balance among the 3, if one goes out, no problem, the other 2 will cover, even if only 1 is working it will take all the load, etc.

Now this is my concern, at the moment the asterisk box is isolated, if something happens to it, when some dials the DID inbound number, oops, nothing will happen.

I heard about OpenSER, will this help?
What about the incoming DID registration, where it will reside, in OpenSER, in 1 of the asterisk servers, in all of them, what about the outgoing VoIP providers, where the registration for them resides?
Will I have to use asterisk real-time to achieve this?

So many questions, but the answer is out there I guess, thanks in advance.



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