Using Asterisk as a payment system

hi every one,

I’m a new user with asterisk and i have a question.

I’m trying to create using Asterisk, a payment system. For example a client wants to buy something from my store. He will call to my Asterisk PBX and will leave his payment details, like his credit card detail.

Does anyone have any example, what is the best way to implement it using Asterisk?

10x In Advance,

lots of options - it really depends on your details and specific scenarios though and their is security to consider as well.


I would say an easy way to do this is, using Asterisk, and PHP-AGI, and paypal API.

Asterisk will be the gateway, in extensions you have a php-agi take the call. It will walk the user through everything, welcome, menu, user recognization with a database of your users, then payment methods, have it collect all the data, and use PayPal API to take the payments automatically, then give the user a confirmation number and hang up.