Automated Billing for Inbound Sales?

Hi All,

I am currently working with a company that has an inbound line by which they process orders over the telephone. Currently all the agents are processing and inputting the card numbers by hand into a merchant gateway.

I am looking to find a way to automate this process for both security and efficiency reasons.

A brief rundown of the process I am hoping to achieve is as follows:

  1. Customer calls in and is routed to an agent,
  2. The agent walks the customer through the product line and ultimately makes a sale.
  3. Once we reach the point where the payment information is required, the agent forwards the customer to an IVR module that will process the payment card information automatically and communicate with the merchant gateway.
  4. Once the payment card information has been entered and processed, the customer is looped back to the agent for post-processing if desired.

I have found billing system add-ons that are geared exclusively towards being a VOIP call center provider (where billing is based strictly on call statistics). Unfortunately, I cannot find anything that appears to be geared towards a retail shop.

Anyone know if there is something pre-built in Asterisk that I have not found? Or if this has been done before?

I don’t know of something that offers that directly. It will probably need to integrate with your order entry tool as well. But, it shouldn’t be that difficult to implement using AGI. Only issue you may have is the alpha entry of the cardmembers name unless that information is captured in the agents screen then looked up in the AGI.