Run a phone card business with Asterisk?

Don’t know, but I started to wonder if it would be possible to run a phone card business selling international calls on phone cards with an Asterisk server? and if it is possible do you know who sells the systems if it’s already available?

Here is a whole list of appliations that can do that

look into a package called a2billing (I think it mighta gotten renamed though…)

Both post above are excellent. However my choice is the second, a2billing to work with asterisk. There are other setups that combine 4 programs in one, asterisk,a2billing,freepbx and trixbox. The latest being the main program. What this does is to facilitate the use of the programs via GUI for ease of use for the newbie and do it yourselfer, it works fine but my personal opinion I don’t know if I would use it in a production enviroment. Anyways try this link, it’s a good site and you will find lots of information about calling cards.

Hope it helps.

I have been real happy with astcc.