Calling Card

I’m looking forward to providing calling cards, will Asterisk or AsteriskNOW be able to do this? Do I need any other software other than Asterisk?

Thank You

yes, asterisk can do this. you will need more software though.

asterisk provides the platform for handling calls and stuff, but the external app must be able to deal with billing, recharging, card # generation, etc.

check out a2billing (it’s changed names, now like asterbill or something) or AstCC…

Just wanted to add that I have been using astcc for almost about two years and it has been working great. Fairly simple to understand and has the fetures that I needed.

Thanks guys,

But how would I go for printing the accual card? Are there any companys that do this?

yes there are a ton of companies that will do it. google for ‘calling card printing’ and you get at least a page full of results.