Guidance on developing a consumer VOIP service

Hello I’m new here and to Asterisk.

Perhaps someone can help me. I don’t expect to not have to do some work in learning Asterisk, but if you could point in the right direction as to the components that would be needed to the to following:

In the community I live in, A LOT of immigrants (myself included) use phone cards that are purchased from the local market, gas station, etc. to make international calls for VERY low rates. For example, $0.05 per minute between Sydney and Los Angeles.

I would like to explore these alternatives and what it would take programmatically and technologically to develop them.

  1. Essentially duplicate the calling card thing described above and send the calls via VOIP. Customer acquires calling card of some value. Card has unique PIN Code and access phone number. Customer calls access phone and enters PIN. Customer is prompted for destination number. Assuming card has sufficient value, call is patched through. Value of call is incrementally deducted from value of call. Rinse and repeat. :smile:

  2. Similar to above, but no card involved. Customer arrives at phone center where a bank of phones is provided. Customer pays for session. Customer places call. Call terminates when session time expires.

  3. The last option that needs very little intro is a system similar to

Thank you in advance

Search the wiki for Open Source Asterisk Billing applications. You can do the calling cards with ASTCC. I would also recommend having a look at ASTPP.

I’m finishing up calling card support at present.


if you are looking for printing services for calling cards please take a look at this. … Solutions/