Astterisk desktop info system

Hello All,
i know i will be excomunicated for saying this but i know a little bit of vb and i want to make a desktop application that will connect to asterisk and list all extensions, who is dnd, available, in a ques etc. i also want that the user can click on an extension and thier phone will call the user that they clicked on. if there is anyone that is willing to help me with this please let me know.

It would be easier to do it in php or even flash so that you get a platform independant app.

but what you describe is so similar to FOP, have you loked at that?


Never heard of FOP. can you post a link ? like i said i know vb. I know a little php and no flash. if some one is willing to work with me i am willing to learn and work.

"F"lash "O"perators "P"anel or FOP for short, ,