Monitor Asterisk extension using a web Application

Hi All,

Could anyone help if they know any web application that i can use to monitor the extensions on a Asterisk based PBX by using the Asterisk Manager Interface on the PBX side?

BTW, i already checked some of the existing solutions on Internet like fop2 but i don’t have access to the DB configuration of the Asterisk Server, and all i can is o create an AMI user and grant it privileges.


I don’t believe the flash operator panel needs anything more than AMI access but you would need to contact the support for it instead of asking here.

Thanks for your reply, i’ll check elsewhere.

FOP2 needs database access to create it own database . It reads status via AMI and saves some data in Database .

You can build your own Web application using PHP. Use the fsockopen() function to connect your Web App to the Asterisk AMI, and then catch the events related to the extension state, In your case you could use the Event: DeviceStateChange it Raised when a device state changes.

Example :.

0 : Event: DeviceStateChange
1 : Privilege: call,all
2 : Device: SIP/4005
3 : State: INUSE
4 :