Web Development pulling data from Asterisk API?

Hi everyone,

I am planning to use rails or php to create a web application similar to flash operator panel 2 (fop2.com). Plan to create a more intuitive UI but less complicated like switchboard style.

I can call, drag incoming calls to select staff, check employee’s status (online, away, etc) via my web application.

Is there any way which I can communicate with Asterisk on this? API, SDK or something like that?

I am using FreePBX latest. I assume I can communicate with Asterisk directly.

I can’t find much information online, is there anyone who can shed some thoughts on this. I do noticed some open source codes but it’s a bit dated, so not sure it works with the latest asterisks/freepbx.

Any help?

Thank you.

This is a support question, not general discussion.

There should be a lot of information about AMI on-line. There is enough, for most people, about the PHP class library for it, as well. Start with the AMI chapter and appendix at asteriskdocs.org/

Thanks David and sorry about that.

That’s a good start for me :smile: