Astesrisk as ISDN Simulator

Hi guys,
Can Asterisk be used as an ISDN Simulator. I’m looking into getting one for my CCNA and CCNP studies, and quite frankly, they are really expensive. So, just trying to see if Asterisk might be a viable alternative


Yes, Asterisk has support for the ISDN protocol. You can use BRI or PRI cards, with channels like mISDN, vISDN, ZAP for E1/T1 PRI.

But the settings in Asterisk is different to the way its setup in Cisco hardware, so Im not sure it will help in a CCNA, since this is very much Cisco specific.

oohh, okay. Thnks.

if you use a primary rate card, check the signaling setting in zapata.conf

pri_net if you want to be the network (ie. telco)
pri_cpe if you want to be the customer
qsig for the most basic of the signaling - (lowest common denominator - if you know what i mean).

good luck…

cool, thnks. I’ll give it a go then.