PSTN-(isdn pri)->*<-(isdn pri)-old pbx

Hi folks.

I have a running hardware PBX in my office and I want to integrate (and for future replace) Asterisk. This setup i want:

PSTN —(ISDN PRI)—> * <—(ISDN PRI)—> old PBX

For now my PBX is connecting to the PSTN via ISDN PRI. The box has a free module for a second ISDN PRI. Can I put Asterisk in the middle, between the PSTN and the old PBX, to comunicate * with the old pbx via ISDN PRI? Somewhere in the net i read that i need a ISDN simulator:


I suppose you can, as soon as Asterisk is configured as network.


; pri_cpe: PRI signalling, CPE side
; pri_net: PRI signalling, Network side

Yes you can. 1 span on Asterisk will be cpe and the other net.

Thanks for the support.
I’ll get a Sangoma A102 and A101 for the testing.