ISDN Simulation

I am a newbie in asterisk world . I was working on ISDN implementation but i don’t have a PRI/ISDN because I cannot afford it for learning purpose , so i was looking for a ISDN Simulation application for asterisk

Any help or suggestion will be great


Farrukh Munir

I think there is no such tools for asterisk. you have to buy a physical cards to test that. make sure at least there are two ports(for lookback). then you can use pri,sip …

It doesn’t receive alot of love (and may not work perfectly right now) but I’ve used dynamic local spans to test libpri on a single system before.

For a starting point see the top of dahdi_dynamic_loc.c: … amic_loc.c

Hope this is enough to get you started.

thanks sruffell I will look into this