Asterisk+ ISDN cards = ISDN simulator for Cisco Lab?


Have anyone tried to use Asterisk and two ISDN cards as an ISDN simulator for CISCO lab?

I searched the net but found nothing on the topic.



I am also interested if anyone has used the Asterix project with ISDN, FXS/FXO, & T1 cards as a central exchange emulator for cisco labs?

I know the Adtran Atlas 550 is used for this purpose, but would like to know if Asterisk will work similarly? Thank you

Im studying for CCNP, and would like to know if anyone has done this sucessfully? What hardware is needed?


There is no reason why not, But you will get a timing and slipping problem. This is because the Digium cards are not a stratum 1 source and neither are Cisco interfaces.
you just need to set them up as _net iterfaces

Personaly I use a Mitel SX2000 as it supports more interfaces and protocols, IE FXO, FXS, AC15 , PRI, BRI, DASS and DPNSS