AsterixNow on libvirt/KVM

I’m trying to setup AsterixNow on libvirt in a kvm hypervisor but it boots very quickly off the iso image and then immediately shuts down and goes to 100% CPU usage. It’s quite odd. Has anybody seen this? I’m using the brand new version 6.12 64bit on an amd64 machine with other images and instances running just fine.
Any ideas?

Immediately after the Ubuntu 15.10 prompt it starts Deactivating swap, removing slice, and doing all of the shutdown activities. I don’t see any immediate signs of obvious error. I searched around and couldn’t find anybody else running into a similar issue. I could try the 32 bit instance if that might help. The qcow2 disk image is 50GB, but I don’t think it gets far enough to even get to the point of using that.

I don’t know what was going on with that VM, but I created a new one from scratch and all good.