100% cpu

When I run “top”, I see Asterisk at the top of the pack consistently with 99%-100% cpu. How can I go about figuring out what’s causing this?
We suspect there may be a configuration problem with the PRI board. How can I tell what board is in use and is there any driver information I can obtain? versions, interrupt rates, etc. How?
Is there any other way to see who or what might be hogging the cpu?
It is a production system which cannot be brought down and nobody has the information.


Starting from the begining

what do you see on the consol screen?
what does the log files show?
what do you see in show channels

The only time I have seen a * at 100% was when the dialplan was looping.

This may be a “Production” system but it still can be downed, And if left running as it is it will more than likely down its self as the drives fill up with log files.


Thank you. I’ll have to look for the various commands you mentioned and I’ll get back with the results. If it isn’t too much of an inconvenience, could you mention the commands which give that information?