Asterisk high CPU usage and bandwidth saturation

Hello everybody,
I’ve an asterisk 1.6.2 installed on a vmware virtual machine and when it come up (also with safe_asterisk command) the CPU usage go to 35% (and much more) and all my DSL bandwith is saturated (downlink and uplink). I can’t ping the router from external!! When I kill asterisk process, ping restart… I attach you a screenshot of the top command on the machine. Does anybody have an idea about what happen on my PBX? Thanks a lot!


and when you connect to the asterisk CLI what is happening ???

just showing a screen grab of top is next to useless. the fact that you dsl link is swamped may mean you have been hacked !!

Do some Asterisk CLI debugs:

sip show channels
sip show channelstats

Or do a packet capture of the server NIC and analyze it with Wireshark.

How much of the host’s CPU power is reserved for the Asterisk guest? Have you reserved enough RAM?