Another 100 % CPU usage

Hi all,

I just upgraded our pbx from asterisk 1.2.4 (was on debian 3.0) to asterisk 1.4.20 (now on ubuntu 8.04)

Since the upgrade, after a few hours, asterisk begins to use 100 % CPU usage. I’ve searched through the forums for this problem.

All the previous problems seem to be fixed in the asterisk version I use. Maybe I’m wrong. I did all the things the other users reported and it didn’t change a thing for me. Still having a 100 % cpu usage.

The kernel version I’m using is 2.6.24 running on a Intel Xeon 2.8 Ghz with 1 GB of RAM. The kernel is not the stock one with the ubuntu server edition, but a customized one. I’ve setted the timer frequency to 300 HZ and added only related hardware of my server.

Anyone have got this problem?

I have the same problem with asterisk with bristuff patches.

I don’t now if is a hardware problem (interrupts?) or bug in chan_zap.

we were getting 100% usage it turned out to be mysql once i had killed the process it was fine

this was on ubuntu feisty fawn with *1.4

Thanks for the advice mudcow007, I’ll try to investigate if it’s a problem with a postgresql process running.

By the way, to all people reading this post.

I just openened an asterisk console and didn’t close it. Since then, I’m not getting a 100% CPU usage. This problem was not supposed to be solved in a prior version?!?!?

Any other advices would be cool.