Installing asterix

I am trying to install asterix as my student project for the year and have very little linux knowledge. I downloaded the latest version and then unzipped it and ran the ./configure. It said to check my compiler and gave me a list of dev lib I need to get. Again my linux knowledge is poor and I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. Where can I download the lib and how do I check my compiler is the right one. Also any information about setting up asterix between two machines running Ubuntu over crossover cable would be appreciated

Are you allowed to use CentOS ? I have a script that can help you with that.I think with Untbu you can use ap-get to get the libs that you need. If not google it. Remember google is your friend.

Thanks for the response Dovid, not sure what centos is, but if you have a script that could help me I would really appreciate it. Like I said I just installed Ubuntu using one disk 7.04 for the desktop and found out there is a lot more to installing asterix than meets the eye. Basically my project involves two machines conected using crossover ,sending voip packet to each other and trying to capture a few of those packets. Think I got a little in over my head

Appreciate all the advice guys and ye both seem to know a lot about linux. I am going to use the synaptic package manager to see if I can download the extra packages I need and hopefully that will sort out my installation worries. Can you let me know if it is possible to configrue asterisk to do PC to PC calls and if so how is it done? Two machines, one crossover cable, asterisk on both - set to a and with a headset. Can it be done ?

You could just use one asterisk server with 2 clients connecting to the server?

If you want multiple clients conencting to different servers then go with dundi!

Thanks for the help guys but I want to know how to I get the two machines to talk to each other using asterisk. Is there a config file where I can put in the settings. Are the resolved using IP or a SIP name ? Where is the config file?

There is a pdf called dundi so easy a caveman could do it. Google it and have a read through it and it should push you in the right direction.