AsteriskNow, TDM400P22, and a newbie

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I’ve been reading through the posts and cannot find what I am looking for. A few weeks ago I read a post that showed detailed step by step instructions for a super simple connection of AsteriskNow to a POTS line. I ordered the card, and cannot find the post. Would someone please direct me in the correct direction?

I do not need to do any voip. I added the card to my existing default AsteriskNow install of version Nothing has been changed since the install of the OS except the physical install of the TDM400P22.

The AsteriskNow server does come up, I can login in to it from a remote computer. So out of the box it is in pretty good shape.

What is the minimum I have to do to make it answer my phone and behave like an answering machine? It does not need to do any calling or call forwarding at this time. I don’t need sip phones or any of that stuff yet either. I just want Asterisk to be my answering machine.

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Hi there,

Did you configured Dahdi channels with your card?

If you want to configure only VM you just need to create VMbox on you asterisk and redirect the calls to you VM.

Sohaib Khan

Hi Sohaib Khan,

Thank you for your response. I have not configured anything yet. I only installed the AsteriskNow OS, and plugged in the TDM400P22 card. I do not know where to start to configure. I am hopeful that somewhere there is a set of instructions that I can follow to configure this thing. Do you have an idea of where I should start? I don’t know if I am supposed to be starting in the GUI or at the command line on the OS itself.

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Hello Sohaib,

If you are using AsterixNow…use the gui. Upon full install, ssh/https/asterix/dahdi services run upon boot.
If you are building your own custom box, as in manually installing *nix distro/dahdi/asterix, then cli until you enable a web front end.

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Hi jitbaaz,

I’m not sure what to do in the GUI to finish myAsterisk now answering machine. Based on the info below, can you help me? I don’t know what the next steps, are and there is so much content in the Asterisk GUI.

Linux version 2.6.32-431.el6.i686 ( (gcc version 4.4.7 20120313 (Red Hat 4.4.7-4) (GCC) ) #1 SMP Fri Nov 22 00:26:36 UTC 2013
Linux 2.6.32-431.el6.i686 i686

Linux localhost.localdomain 2.6.32-431.el6.i686 #1 SMP Fri Nov 22 00:26:36 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

SHMZ release 6.5 (Final)
SHMZ release 6.5 (Final)
SHMZ release 6.5 (Final)
SHMZ release 6.5 (Final)

Asterisk, Copyright © 1999 - 2013 Digium, Inc. and others.
Created by Mark Spencer
Asterisk comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; type ‘core show warranty’ for details.
This is free software, with components licensed under the GNU General Public
License version 2 and other licenses; you are welcome to redistribute it under
certain conditions. Type ‘core show license’ for details.

Connected to Asterisk currently running on localhost (pid = 1700)
e[0KVerbosity is at least 3

e[KlocalhostCLI> dahdi show statuslocalhostCLI>
e[0KDescription Alarms IRQ bpviol CRC Fra Codi Options LBO
Wildcard TDM400P REV E/F Board 5 OK 0 0 0 CAS Unk 0 db (CSU)/0-133 feet (DSX-1)

e[KlocalhostCLI> dahdi show channelslocalhostCLI>
e[0K Chan Extension Context Language MOH Interpret Blocked State
pseudo default default In Service
3 from-pstn en default In Service
4 from-pstn en default In Service

Disconnected from Asterisk server

I am running a TDM400P22 -2 FXO and2 FXS asterisk card supporting AsteriskNOW, Elastix, and trixbox.

Everything seemed to install without any errors. I am not sure what the next step for configuring this thing is. My goal is to use one analog phone line coming in and only one regular phone (not SIP) going out. I would like to have the Asterisk box act as our answering machine. My first problem is I do not know which port is which on the back of my TDM PCI card. (The PC is a Dell 170L PROCESSOR, 80546, 3.0, 1M, PENTIUM 4 PRESCOTT DT, 800, E0, it has 1GB of RAM). There are four ports all four have LED’s. The molex power connector is connected. Is there a way to tell which port is the phone line coming in and which is the line going out? So far I have tried most of the possible combinations. I do not get a dial tone when lifting the handset.