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Hi, guys,

I want to connect My AsteriskBox to 24 Analog telephone lines. Please how many cards do I need. I mean how many of TDM400p and FXO’s card. Need to confirm this fast.


if you have more than 8 lines you don’t want a tdm400. You want a tdm2400, which will take all your lines. Its similar to the tdm400 except it has 24 channels (4 channels per module) and has an amphenol connector instead of RJ11. See Here: … ts_id=1116 is the same thing with an onboard echo canceller, which reduces your CPU load. If you don’t know how to wire a punch block or use an amphenol connector, they also offer (see drop down menu) a breakout box for about $120.

hi IronHelix. u are the man. u made my day. thax.

Pls there is another thing that worries me alot when configuring asterisk. It take a lot of time configuring, expecially when doing a large installation when u need to configure a lot of extensions (in sip.conf and extensions.conf) and CO’s. I need a tool to do this.

I tried using IPmanager but i keep getting extension busy after my configurations. Pls which is the best tool.

Again, I planned buying Asterisk Business Edition. do you know if it comes with any tool for programming? Pls i need to know all this facts.


yeah it takes a long time. What will save you though is macros.

Instead of for each user, writing a script that rings their phone, then sends them to voicemail, etc, you write that once as a macro, a pretty decent one is included with the sample * dialplan as macro-stdexten. It uses two arguments, which show up as the variables ${ARG1} and ${ARG2}, arg1 being voicemailbox and arg2 being their channel

You can define whole batches of extensions doing this, IE

exten => _4xxx,1,Macro(stdexten,${EXTEN},SIP/${EXTEN})

That, along with the stdexten macro, sets up 1000 extensions (4000-4999) in about 10 lines.

SIP is harder, you have to create peers for each user. However with the addition of Asterisk Realtime (config from SQL), it becomes much easier. You can easily migrate or integrate whatever directory you have into the realtime SQL database.

I know very little about SQL, but as i understand it, asterisk realtime only looks for certain columns. Therefore, (if this is the case, someone help me out here?) it would be possible to have a single integrated database table with the sip.conf stuff as well as the MAC address of the phone. A very simple script could then, when run, pull the SQL data, format it into an autoprovisioning file that the phone understands, and dump it on your tftp server. Thus, 99% of the heavy lifting is pulled by sql and your script. You will of course have to enter names and stuff manually (assuming they arent already in another database), but once you have that the database and script will automatically configure asterisk and provision the settings on the phone itself.

I don’t know if ABE comes with such a tool, but it should be easy or cheap to get any linux admin to write one for you. I wouldn’t be surprised if such a thing already exists.