Newbie Question regarding hardware etc


not sure if what I want can be done easy with AsterixNow, but maybe somebody here can answer or point me into the right direction…

What I would like to todo is act. very simple home system…Here is what I have…

1.) Vonage Line (if I can’t use SIP, I could still use Vonage with there adapter as a anlog line right?)
2.) A SIP account (, same here if SIP wouldn’t work I could use a adapter to analog…
3.) a analog landline (nothing special)
4.) if possible I also would like to use skype, but i think that isn’t possible because they system is “closed”, but worst case I would use the Philips 841 and use the “landline” feature to connect to my server.

The main purpose for my server would be to connect all different service vonage,sipgate, landline and skpe and incoming calls should all ring on “one” phone…

Outgoing calls should default to one service and somehow available through prefixes ?

sorry, if this is all simple and clear I just would like to confirm the basic idea before I start.

Last question of this post is about the hardware. I would like to make the machine to be as simple as possible e.g. low power consumption. Could anybody here confirm if such simple setup would work on lets say a VIA EPIA 1 Ghz system ?

thanks for reading…

All of what you want to do is possible.

I am in the UK and don’t use Vonage but I think they support SIP connection.

I have used and that works fine with Asterisk.

Connecting an analogue line is no problem. You could go for a cheap X100P card but better to use a TDM400P (much better quality but also much more expensive).

There is software out there that will connect with Skype although from what I have seen this tends to run on a separate Windows based PC.

There is no reason why all of these inbound routes cannot ring the same phone.

how about this card ? NXA400P … ucts_id=28

looks like a lot cheaper then a 4 port TDM400P!

any idea about there difference ? besides the price ?

I know nothing about the card you posted but I would advise you stick with Digium or Sangoma hardware. I prefer Digium mostly because you are directly supporting the company that writes Asterisk, second because they provide FREE installation support for all of there hardware.

Its not the same thing as buying a $10 network card vs a $500 one. Yes the $500 will work much better but unless you are totally stressing out the $10 NIC it will probably work perfectly for you. With voice the $10 voice card will drop frames, cause echo, create static and hang for “no reason”. The $500 voice card will do none or very few of those things. Voice Quality is extremely important to everyone and you absolutely get what you pay for.