AsteriskNOW - How Do I Add Service Provider

I’ve got to the point of adding serivce provider details but the list is empty and there does not seem to be a way to propagate it. Any ideas?

same problem here. I’ve installed from CD with my te110p is installed as well but the “service provider” ->new->analog dead ends.

I have the same problem. Now waiting for some ideas or the next release.

looks like you guys are going to have to learn (if you don’t already know) how to add this stuff manually. if you haven’t yet done so, i would recommend reading the free book in the sticky at the top of the forum.

I don’t mean to be blunt, but I thought the idea of AsteriskNOW was the GUI.

May as well use it if it’s there?


Well, 1.4 and the gui are Beta, So post the bug and see what is said. If everryone is having the problem then it must be a bug.

Personaly A gui is OK for basic user admin, But to set a ystem up the confs are far more flexible.

When using a GUI you are limited by the options in a GUI. If you learn how to code asterisk yourself your possibilities are endless.

Hopefully the bug in AsteriskNow will be fixed but while I’ve been waiting I downloaded Trixbox and had it up and running in just over an hour using nothing but FreePBX.

bugs arent looked at on the weekends. Digium will see it tomorrow.

ah ! you must really need a GUI.

Saves time setting up, then after that use the conf files to tweak.

Ian, I didn’t see a bug report spot.

vopimenow, also did the tixbox beta 2.0 on the same day with two extensions and made calls on PSTN in one hour for sure.

I’ll just wait till AsteriskNOW is ready. Even then I already see lots of tweaking will be needed to finish up.

good lord, people come here for help with what is basically a critical bug and immediately get dumped on just because they “want a gui” or don’t know “how to code asterisk themselves”?! exactly what basis do you people have for making such assumptions about others’ motives?

personally I have been writing my asterisk .conf files by hand for the last 5 years and was never impressed by the available guis. but now that digium itself is providing one I’m quite interested to see how they did. so there’s my motive. but how about giving others the benefit of the doubt before jumping on them, eh?

this isn’t something already in a faq, this isn’t something to be found searching forums or mailing lists (in fact after literally days of searching, all I have found are others with the same issue and no resolution) or some sticky free book. this is an undocumented (so far) providers.conf file, without which it is impossible to add new trunks in asteriskNOW. there does happen to be a providers.conf.sample file in svn, and that file just happens to be 0 bytes log (just check rev 68, sounds pretty old vs 131 or whatever we’re on now, but there you go…)

whenever pari or digium documents what goes in providers.conf then I will be happy to damn well edit my own. and then I’ll share mine with others and not even insult them with some weak implication about how I know more than they do or something.


Vortex you might try posting bugs to digium’s normal mantis tracker – if I can find my login/pw I’ll be happy to do it myself. I also have been sending feedback thru the form on ('cept half the time the site goes down and the form dies… ugh)

for those interested please do check out the mailing list in usual place and also #asterisk-now and #asterisk-gui on

s/bytes log/bytes long/

if you’d cared to read the assorted other threads about the gui before leaping on Silver, you would have seen that posters aplenty have been directed to the bugtracker and to the IRC channel.

well to be honest I did not see these other threads you mention, nor can I find them now. maybe I was not searching for the right thing? when wrong I am always more than happy to admit it.

in any case that does not excuse you and others jumping on people without cause. this is s’posed to be a community!

Vortex – no need to submit the bug, I’ve found my mantis login :slight_smile:

yay rev 133 posted to svn by pari :slight_smile: … iew=markup

[iaxtel] providername = IAXTEL providerlogo = images/iaxtel.jpg protocol = iax providerdesc = allows Asterisk users and IAX clients to connect with each other over the Inter-Asterisk eXchange protocol. Once registered with IAXtel, each user get a unique 1.700 telephone number that will ring their IAX compatible client from any where on the Asterisk network. hasiax = yes hassip = no

i don’t subscribe to the assorted PC/community carp we’re subjected to, a spade is always a spade. i speak my mind and voice my opinion.

my point of view is that a GUI is there to help you do the things you already can do at a command prompt. it doesn’t matter if it’s *nix or Windows, if you rely on the GUI for everything, when it goes wrong you have no fallback position.

this espacially applies to Asterisk. no GUI sets an Asterisk system up completely right for the combination of hardware, software, users and providers. knowing how to get the functionality you want or need without a GUI should be a priority for any Asterisk administrator.

this is an official Digium forum.

asteriskNOW is an official Digium product.

this thread was and is about bugs with said product; this thread was never a discussion about the merits or lack thereof, of the official (or any other) asterisk gui.

when your opinion is irrelevant and non-constructive, no one wants to hear it. you are only making yourself and the community and also Digium look bad, and devaluing the purpose of this forum.

given your affinity with officialdom, perhaps you’d like to go ask Digium if they can spare “official” resource here on this forum. trouble is, it’s already been asked and answered, the devs have no time to read what’s here, bugs need to go to the bugtracker.

as for whether my posts are relevant or constructive, that’s for you to determine and deal with. if you don’t like what i post don’t read it. i’ll not lose any sleep.

Yes, those people with a sharp tounge, don’t actually know both sides of the story or how expert or non-expert any submitter is!

Thanks for your help, as this is what you expect or hope for when posting to such a forum.