AsteriskNOW and TDM400p


Beeing a newbie here, trying to get my analogue TDM400p card from Digium working.
This is an analogue card, with 2 FXS on port 1 and 2 and 2 FXO on port 3 and 4.
I connect the line from my carrier, from the wall, to port 4 and I connect my handheld to port 1 - is this correct ?
Using my handheld, I get no tone but I am able to press the digits and get response from the handheld which echoes the pressed tone.

Am I on the right path here ?

How can I test this ?
Am I able to place an outgoing call to test that everything is working ?
or can I test to place an incoming call and see if that call is received ?

To my help I have the manual for the Digium card, I have the asterisknow.pdf and I have the book ‘Asterisk for dummies’.
Is there any other book that I should have lying around, I am coming as a programmer and not as a telecom guy.

best regards, ink

a very good book is Asterisk: The Future of Telephony
You can download it here

Did you connect the power connector to the analog card? You need this to send power to the FXS ports for the phones to operate.

the power supply is in.
the lights are green.

regards, i