Analog phones not working... asterisknow and digium hardware

I set up an AsteriskNOW dedicated box with a brand new TDM400P card, and I bought the TDM400P that digium prepackages with the two modules already installed, i believe the S110M and X100M FXO and FXS modules. I have my single phone line (POTS) going into my FXO port. to the FXS port I have my telephone plugged in, a standard Vtech plain old analog-home office use single line wireless base station. Out of the box, with everything plugged in if I call my number I hear the asterisknow base voice or whatever saying please dial the extension you wish to reach. The physcal phones, however, all the wireless handsets say line in use, as does the base station. there is no dialtone, nothing, no way to call out, and nothing rings. how do i configure this? I am using ports 1 & 4 on the card btw, and I know the POTS port must be right if i’m getting the womans voice.

Anything special I gotta do in the config files? I’ve only touched the GUI setup.

btw, forgot to mention thru the gui users/extensions I added an extension “300” which i selected to use ANALOG PORT “1” for the analog phones. if you dial this extension nothing happens, just hangs up… and like i said, no outgoing activity at all cause theres no dialtone, and the analog base station says “LINE IN USE”, as do all the cordless phones.