Analog Card Digium TDM400P

Hello everybody, I need to connect our TOIP to the PSTN and i don’t know if this card (ANALOG CARD DIGIUM TDM400P) is suitable for telephone IP, this card have FXS interface for analog phone ? so, can i connect the IP phones with this card, in an other side the IP phones connect directly to the LAN with RJ45 port so do i really need to link physically the IP phones with the card?

The TDM400P is an analog card, so it is for connecting either internal analog phones to Asterisk via an FSO port, or for connecting Asterisk to the analog telephone network (PSTN/POTS) via an FSX port. If you have IP phones then you cannot connect these to the TDM400P. These will via connected to Asterisk via your local IP network. Asterisk, via sip.conf, [iax.conf] and extensions.conf, will manage the routing of calls between the different phones and lines.

FXS modules are for connecting phones that can ring. You want FXO modules to connect to the PSTN.

I seem to remember that the TDM400 is considered obsolete.

I thought that was the case, but I couldn’t quite remember, so I looked it up and read the wrong page of the page for the answer!

Thank you all for your answers, to summarize, i just have to install the card on my Asterisk server, connect it to the pstn via FXO port, then connect all the IP phones on LAN with RJ45 ports then configure Asterisk “extension.conf” etc. and i can make an outgoing calls to the pstn?

If by RJ45 you mean 10 or 100 base T ethernet connections, using an 8P8C modular jack yes. RJ45 is a popular misnomer for the 8P8C jack, and doesn’t specifically imply ethernet.

You would normally plug the phones into the ethernet infrastructure, not directly into the PC.

I thought you currently only had FXS modules.

You will need to configure sip.conf, and chan_dahdi.conf, and maybe other dahdi files.

Yes The IP phones connect Directly to LAN (Ethernet) with RJ45