Asterisk with RedHat enterprise edition

Hi ,

i am trying to install the asterisk with the redhat enterprise version 3 . what are the pre installtion , i have to do before installtion the same?

Thanks in advance.

we’re using fedora core 4 (pretty similar to redhat), and i’ll go over our rough setup guidelines…

  1. install fedora, deselect every package but development tools (in other words, a minimal install + development tools)

  2. get asterisk, libpri, zaptel, asterisk-addons, asterisk-sounds packages from digium

  3. unpack source packages

  4. make & make install zaptel

  5. make & make install libpri

  6. make & make install asterisk

6.5 make samples if you don’t have config files already

  1. make & make install asterisk-addons

  2. make install asterisk-sounds

  3. run asterisk, have a beer.

that’s pretty much it. if you need other daemons running, you’ll need to install them. we typically install sox, mysql, php, httpd, and a few other packages via yum after the basic OS install is complete.


You may want to consider RHEL4, because of the newer v2.6.x kernel in the newer version.