Asterisk with Norstar M7310 Telephone

Sorry for double post, I am new to this forum.

I have bunch of Norstar M7310 Telephone, I want to setup a test PC at home to get a deeper understanding of Asterisk.

Other than the software and PC, what hardware would I need?

I am a noobie and I want to learn how to use this great software.


You only need a PC. If those Norstar phones work with SIP then you are good to go.

Norstar phone was used with the Meridian PBX system. It uses regular phone jacks.

Then you’ll need an FXS card to plug your phones into.

Can you show me where I can get a cheap FXS card?

These Norstar phones are phones for Office PBX system use, not a regular phone that plugs into a home landline.

The M7310 telephones work with the CICS or MICS nortel system. You would have to yse the Nortel equipment to “drive” the phones.

Better to start with the software and a PC and use a softphone (software telephone). This way you learn the system. Once you have got a feel, then you can add FXO/FXS cards and network (IP) telephones.