Newbie Recommendations

Greetings. I am looking forward to putting together my * server. Before I get started I wanted to try to make the whole system SIP based. Here are my questions:

I am looking for a 4 port FXO SIp gateway. There are so many to choose from but I like the Ericsson Webswitch. As I undertand this configuration, I would just need to plug this device in, configure it and tell my Asterisk server about it and how to use it.

I am looking for some reliable IP Phones. I really like the Cisco phones, but I have heard that Cisco is a terrible company to deal with and their phones are reluctantly complaint with other phone systems.

Lastly, I would like to set up my fax to work with the PBX, Does Asterisk have a CNG Tone detection features to route these calls to an ATA on my LAN?

Thanks! I look forward to your help. These forums are so chock full of info! It’s great to see telephony released!

For a 4-port FXO Sip gateway you are almost better off getting two sipura two port ATA’s. You can find the SPA-2002’s for $69.95 or less online.

I highly recommend Polycom phones over Cisco phones. Models like the IP501 and IP601 are much less expensive than the Cisco 7960s and tout many more features. Configuration is easy via TFTP config or via the web interface. Many people use these in an asterisk environment so you will find that support will be easy to find.

I’m not 100% sure if asterisk supports CNG fax routing. I know for sure that DTMF fax routing is possible. Check the digium lists to see if anyone has mentioned CNG.

Crud, It looks like you are mistaken. I ordered a SPA-2002 and according to the manual it is a FXS not an FXO. Can anyone suggest a good FXO?