Asterisk Graphical Interface

Hi, I have install Asterisk 16 (I need a long time version).
I don´t know how to configure and use a graphical interface.
I found in Internet about Asterisk GUI, but it seem to be no longer maintained.
I hope you could help me.

Download and install

I want to use the Asterisk server I have already install.
I think freepbx don’t use that one, because in the tutorial I have seen, you have to choose the asterisk version you want to install.

FreePBX is the only currently maintained general purpose GUI for Asterisk.

There re no GUIs suitable for maintaining hand coded configurations; if you use a GUI, you have to accept that it determines the structure of the dial plan, even if it allows some scope for customization.

so, there is not option to install Asterisk throught source code and later create/use a GUI, isn´t it?

It is possible to do that with FreePbx. Take a look at this URL for instance :

There is no option to configure manually then have a GUI take over the configuration. Unless you have such a manual configuration, there is no advantage in building a specific version.

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