Asterisk webinterface phonebook

hi there ppl :smile:
i’m a happy and very gratefull asterisk user, newest version, on a debian machine (stable) i also have tried asterisknow and freepbx etc, but i want to have a website, which offer the following:

Integrated Web Dialer (Click-to-Dial)

Workgroup Answering Machine

Monitor recent call history (CDR)

Listen/manage voicemail

Monitor incoming calls and call history of incommng calls

i think geotek does it, but costs money and is no open source, is there an open source alternative, or something free, which does the things mentioned, just something basic and easy would be great, i have been looking for something like this for a long time and though i’d try here and ask, maybe someone knows something, thanks already in advacne :smile:
have a good one
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I also am looking for the same thing.

Hi all,

I’ve just been trialling the GEOTEK Phonebook application for Asterisk, on my test “pure” Asterisk 1.4 system.

So far it looks to be pretty good.

Has anyone out there been using this application? How have you found it?
Did the purchase and licence key installation process work OK?
Does it work well as a shared central phonebook for a business using Asterisk?

And in general, are there any other centralised phonebook , click-to-dial type Asterisk add-on applications that people have used and like?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

kind regards Andrew TD

PS - When I read the first post in this thread - I thought it was a thinly disguised advertisement for the Geotek Phonebook app! But even if it was, the equestion is still valid. Is it any good (even though you have to pay for it), and are there any alternatives out there?

I’ve installed the GEOTEK Phonebook and bought a 5-user license to continue to test.

For me, it’s a neat application, although there are some issues I’m trying to work out. It seems everything is extension-based so if your dialplan has multiple jumps before phones ring, the CDRs don’t get logged like you think they would. Another this is that I’m trying to figure out how to change the caller ID of the calling phone on an outbound click-to-call. On a direct outbound call from an IP phone, the caller ID that is used comes from the sip.conf entry. With GEOTEK Phonebook, however, the caller ID that is used is the extension number.

I’m very new to PHP but I’m sure there’s a way to get these issues ironed out.


With the advent of technology,things have been changed and modified. While Geotek is for sure a good solution but it lacks support for webrtc, xml based apps to the phone itself and other stuff.

Aptus Telecom is coming soon. We have promised to provide Asterisk users for a very stable integration between Google Contacts, Highrise CRM and Asterisk in order to provide a unified phonebook. Not only this, we are bringing you a very simple and easy to understand Call History, an Active Call panel for initiating and switching calls between Mobile, IP Phone and WebRTC/Flash powered Webphone.

To stay tuned to the product, just signup at

For a small office, we use VTiger’s native Asterisk integration and it’s basic but nice.

Give a try to Aptus FonB. We provide support till IP Phone Level (specially Digium).