GUI for call records


Can anyone recommend a web based call reporting app for Asterisk.

It’s all very well me configuring the system but it would be nice if the end user could access call records easily. (Access to recordings would be a bonus too).

I don’t want to go to Trixbox or any other heavily customised package.

Would FreePBX be the only app or are there alternatives?



Have a look at CDR stat:

For recordings have a look at CRI:


Areski is the one that is/was in Trix its also in pbxinaflash as is a verygood personal portal giving access to personal cdr and recordings.


I second Ianplain. Areski is a very nice tool.

Is asterisk-stat-v2_0_1 compatible with AsteriskNOW 1.0.2?

If so can anyone tell me where i can find some instructions?