Help needed pitching Asterisk

Hi everyone,

I’ve set up an asterisk server in the past for my own home, mostly (because I like to mess with linux and building my own pbx was far too cool) to screen out automated dialers and to have control over my voicemail.

Now, I’d like to suggest Asterisk to a couple of friends for their homes and small businesses. I’d be grateful if some experienced users could look over the following list of pitch points with a mind to making comments/improvements/additions to it:

[ul]* Give out a single telephone number that rings all home extensions, cell phones and SIP phones/softphones. Optionally have the home phones ring first, forwarding the call to cells if no of the home phones go off hook.[/ul]
[ul]* When one phone gets answered, no other phone can join the call by simply picking up another extension unless conferenced into the call or unless the call is transfered to them. No mischevious kids listening in to business conversations.[/ul]
[ul]* Calls can be put on hold or parked.[/ul]
[ul]* Have an automatted attendant intercept incoming calls to route between business and family members.[/ul]
[ul]* Distintive rings depending on who the call is for.[/ul]
[ul]* Blacklists.[/ul]
[ul]* Separate voicemail boxes for each family member and for the company. Message duration and number of messages saved with much more liberal limits than what is available from the telco.[/ul]

Thanks for your comments!