Asterisk + web2 + pabx

i just met with an asterisk consultant, who assured me it’s IMPOSSIBLE to make web2 services (as Jajah) work with a proprietary pabx thru asterisk.

Now i’m not a pabx geek and i do know that each brand protects itself with its own proprietary language, but if i simply connect an * server to the pabx thru a T2, what the pabx gets, is a plane simple ordinary phone signal, right? Now, isn’t that what jajah does? It uses the PSTN to call the caller back… so i don’t see what the problem is here???

Why do you want to use jajah? Is it to connect through to Skype or use one softphone for SIP and Skype or is there another reason?

If you want to use jajah as a softphone for SIP with Asterisk as the SIP server it is perfectly possible to connect this to your legacl PABX and use this to make calls to and recieve calls from the legacy system.

If you want to connect to Skype as well there may be better ways to do this. Have a look at PSGw as this can be used to provide a Gateway between Asterisk and Skype -

well, for several reasons. First of all, Jajah supports IAX, so i need to open just one port in * server, which is an advantage over SIP. Then i would like to be able to use Jajah for specific destinations having ok rates with Jajah. That’s basically it…

ps: the link u provided gave me a 404 error.

Am I missing something here??

Jajah is a click to call WEB BASED app right.

Really no way to connect it to Asterisk… and the rates are not good, they are high.

it is a PSTN to PSTN setup so at best would build a * box use a zaptel card
and if I read the site right you have to go the site fill in the form wait for the inbound call answer the call and wait for the other end to ring right???

Does not make much sense to me…
Oh and by the way has a few little apps which combined gives you a website for * with the same features

yes, that’s correct,

seems contradicted by: … son-1.html

yes, but one has to INITIATE the call over internet, then Jajah vehicules the call over the web to the closest by PSTN gateway…


ps: the link u provided gave me a 404 error.[/quote]

Try just going to