Asterisk and legacy pbx

is there any way to connect asterisk to a legacy pbx.

thank you for any help

Sure. At my location we use a T1 crossed over between the two pbx’s. It works really well.

ok, but how do you manage to TALK to the legacy pbx’s proprietary language?

how does the PBX connect to the outside world ? if T1/E1 then provide the PBX with another card if required, put a T1/E1 card in the Asterisk server and talk that way. if via analogue/analog lines, then Asterisk uses an analogue card.

[quote]how does the PBX connect to the outside world[/quote] analog line.

The issue is that we’re still renting the pabx, so we can’t make any internal changings to its settings. A local asterisk reseller assured me it was impossible to make our pabx work properly with asterisk, which left me stunned!

We would like to use asterisk as both a PSTN & VOIP gateway.
I thought we could just plug a T2 from the pabx to asterisk and when asterisk receives the outgoing call from the pabx that call gets treated and routed according our asterisk dialplan (jajah, voipbuster, PSTN, etc).
I guess there might be a problem for INCOMING CALLS, cause how to make asterisk properly route incoming calls to the pabx which has its own internal rules?

i am about to do the same issue
we have panasonic hybrid system

and during my first experiment it is possible as our pabx has built in
IVR. i could point its CO(panasonic) to my FXS(asterisk) and when i dial the FXS which is connected to the PANA CO its IVR will give an option to dial the extension or operator. from here either ill wait for a second until
PANA IVR will tell that it is time to dial the extension or i could use the “prefix” function of AEL.

likewise when i dial from PANA i was connected to asterisk extension as its its CO pointed to asterisk FXS. but of course i must dial first “9” to tell the PANA that this is for outgoing call. also you could change the prefix "9"
to any number you want and strip it when calls arrive at asterisk. but since you dont have right access to the PABX i suggest that you should stick on your outgoing prefix number 9 or what it should be.

this is interesting i will tell you if there is progress

wish me luck

i do! THUMBS UP. P L E A S E keep me updated on your progress, as i’m having a mighty hard time to find written material on this issue on the web and digium forum!!
PS we have a MATRA pabx.

dont worry as soon as there is progress you will know.

Depending on the legacy PBX handset types, you could use a Citel SIP Handset Gateway to convert the proprietary handset signalling to SIP, and junk the PBX.

holy smokin’ this thing costs over 3K $ !!!
any "open source " equivalent??

I mean, we’re still renting the pabx & i have to pay for the * server…
3k beats my budget allright :confused:

We use the Adtran totalaccess 924e units to talk to asterisk and legacy PBX’s. the 924’s talk SIP to the asterisk and will generate on the Legacy Side, a T1, or if wanting analog integration, POTS, or ground start, or E&M type lines. it supports up to 24 channels. we get them for a little over $1000.

the device can also be used as a 24 channel ATA if so chosen by the user.

as i promise im gonna tell you if there is progress, i just finished it after start interfacing it 2 hours ago, of course i collected info a couple of months ago and i only have time to do it today .

i grouped channels in zapata.conf into 3

i have no access with panasonic as the former admin never left the
programming manual. but the pabx itself has DXD or AA(auto attendant as i know not so sure about AA)that is capable of asking the caller to dial the local number immediately if they know. and also its default code for outbound call is “9” so whenever user behind pana press 9 the pana will choose the available CO. Pana locals has 3-digit by default and i assigned 6XXX for pana users and 5XXX for asterisk users in my dial plan.

and in my extensions.conf i have two context for Pana namely

these are the basic steps in interfacing the Asterisk and Legacy PABX
and i know these are not the best one but it work for me.

if you you have questions il answer if i can