Asterisk VOIP Architecture & Traffic Flow

Dear Experts

Is there anyone who can support for beginners of Asterisk system to understand the complete Architecture design and traffic flow moreover to keep system HA and DR setup, So Plz advice here how could we initiate this system with any roughly design and how the traffic flows for both outbound and inbound calls as well as to keep HA & DR Setup of the system. below few information of the users, kindly let me know if u need more details.

  1. Number of Users to use outbound and Inbound Calls = 1700(Local Users = 1200, Remote Users =500).
  2. Number of Supervisors/Team Leaders to check Recordings, Reports = 150 (Both Local & Remote).
  3. We Need almost all Features as well like, Integrations with any CRM, Call Masking, Customized Reports, Graphical Reports, Queue based Reports, SLA based Reports, Conference Calls, Group Calls, IVR Setup, IVR based Reports, Web based browser calling, app based calling, Inbound Queues with skill based routing, weight round robin, longest agent wait.
  4. Concurrent Calls 300, SIP Channels 300 or more.
  • How Many Servers we need and what was the recommended specs, Can we use VM 's in Windows Server Host ?
  • Can anyone help with a Roughly voip architecture design, traffic flow for Inbound and Outbound calls based on the above requirements.
  • Kindly required a support to setup this environment for Asterisk.

Looking forward for the support.

Thank you very Much.

Hi Team

Is there anyone, who can advice on asterisk for above details?

Anyone who can advice or support here?

If someone thought they could answer they would have, although a weekend is never a good time to get answers. (There used to be a formal rule not to bump more than once in 24 hours.)

This is a complex question and the general answer to sizing questions is to benchmark.

Also note that there is no team. Everyone here is volunteering on an informal basis.

Hi @david551
Thanks for your response

Agree on you as it was a weekend do u know any kind of sources that can support or guidance for this implementation tasks?

Any local consultant, with sufficient knowledge of Asterisk, would be able to assist you, creating your setup. Be aware, that several of your requirements, including looking at recordings and generating reports are not Asterisk features, and would need to be sourced elsewhere, developed by yourself.

There are also several “ready to use” callcenter packages, and distros with a UI (Usually freepbx) bundled.

How many servers you need, is hard to say. It depends on your hardware. Using Asterisk in most modern VM solutions works flawlessly. In my setup, a single user, takes about 2-4 mb, depending on their current status, then you need to account for current call, and all the telemetry you want to gather.

Your best bet is the above mentioned consultant, who will have a dialog with you, figure out your needs, and come up with a figure of roughly how many users you can have on a single server, and what else you’d need.

Also your distinction between “local” and “remote” users, make little sense, if calls are handled equally regardless of being local or remote, as the only difference from Asterisks point of view, is the network latency, and most likely NAT somewhere in the datapath.

Could you please give details of which local consultant you mean? Do you have any details, How can i reach with local consultant?

I have no idea where in the world you reside, you would need to find a suitable consultant in your area, of anywhere in the world if you think it can be done remotely.

I neither can, nor want to refer you to anyone, as that would imply giving them my stamp of approval, and as I’ve never used any Asterisk consultants in the past, I have no idea if they are good or bad.

I believe there’s a job section in this forum as well, you could post the request for help there, to get an offer.

Thanks for your comment

Yes, No problem wherever in the world we reside, but as you mentioned or advise me to check with local consultant that would be assist for Asterisk, then i thought you might be aware of consultants, if you’re not aware on such things how could i get the details there who support for Asterisk system?

The same way you would find a company to supply you with any other goods or service. Personally I’d try some relevant keywords on a web search engine eg. google, bing, yandex, either in english or my native language, and see what comes up.

You would probably look for IT consultants, and then check them out one by one to find one that offers services related to phone systems, or perhaps you might search for someone that supports PBXes.

You could also make a post in the Jobs section of this forum.

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