Estimating Asterisk' Capabilities


I plan to use Asterisk to forward outbound SIP traffic.
The traffic will get generated from an IVR platform and sent to the Asterisk server which will forward the traffic outbound to various call carriers world wide.
My queries are (if anyone can please advise):

  1. How man concurrent calls is the Asterisk solution capable of handling (given a mid-range spec of server); more than or less than 2000?
  2. Are there any test harnesses that can be used to test such as load in anger?
  3. Generally speaking what are the main issues that I need to be aware of when building out such as solution?


Doesn’t appear to be an appropriate use of a back to back user agent, like Asterisk. Asterisk would be more appropriate as a replacement for the IVR system. A proxy is more likely to be appropriate.

  1. I have never seen such questions answered. There are just too many variables.

  2. Annoying upwards of 100,000 people an hour.
    Finding a 200 Mb/s symmetric internet connection.
    Finding an ITSP with 2,000 erlangs of spare, prime time, capacity.
    Posting on the wrong forum.