Forwarding a voicemail

Hey Guys-

Not sure if this is possible. We use 10 digits for our TNs and 10 digits for the voicemail mailbox. On our old system (Broadsoft), we could forward a voicemail by dialing the recipient’s 4 digit extension. Asterisk requires us to dial all 10 digits. I’ve thought about using 4 digits for the voicemail mailbox name, but I suspect that would break the asterisk’s ability to recognize the extension when retrieving your voicemail from your phone. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

is the recognition of the callerid a dialplan function ? if so, and the last 4 digits are the ones you’re interested in, then you use the 4-digit mailbox method. if transfering a call directly to someones VM, you’ll need to create entries in extensions.conf appropriately.

Gawd, talk about not seeing the forest because of the trees. All I have to do is rewrite my STDEXT macro to grab the last 4 characters of the global variable CALLERIDNUM to get the 4 digit mailbox. Slap me across the head with a frozen flounder. Thanks.