Asterisk Version Number Didn't Change with Update

I successfully updated asterisk to 1.2.10 and then checked my version number using “show version” and it still shows

*CLI> show version
Asterisk built by root @ domain.local on a i686 running Linux on 2006-07-26 01:51:05 UTC

Anyone run into the same issue? Or did I do something wrong… here is was I did…

cd asterisk-1.2.10

(First I applied the patch)

patch -p0 < …/asterisk-1.2.10-patch

(Then I installed asterisk)

make clean


make install

I got no errors!

Thanks in advance,

i guess the patch doesn’t update the version details. i’ve had a quick look through and there is version info in /usr/src/asterisk/include/asterisk/version.h

a fresh(full) 1.2.10 source reads [code]/*

  • version.h
  • Automatically generated
    #define ASTERISK_VERSION “1.2.10”
    #define ASTERISK_VERSION_NUM 010210[/code]

but i wonder where it’s generated from ??