Asterisk transmites only the default number not the second

I have a strange phenomenon that I first noted a week ago would have.
I have an ISDN connection at Telekom Germany with three phone numbers from which
begins with a 0711 718 (default number) and two which starts with 0711 806. The whole runs successful since 2012 with Asterisk ( + squeeze3) / Community 3.1 managed. During the day and on weekdays I’m logged in with the 0711 806 on Asterisk and the numbers were also previously shown as the opposite.
For a week, there are days when I call people with the logged-on 806 31 Phone. These people see 0711 718 95 then but not 0711 806 31 but in the display.
This is obviously embarrassing and inconvenient because you can not recall me directly if the correct number is not known. I have tested it myself and there were days when that call number averaging the registration corresponded in the past 10 days and there were no problems.
I checked also the Asterisk and any changes to the configuration
can discover. I can imagine me that the call number is included the telephone service provider and therefore the default number is transmitted.
Where can I check the Asterisk, which number is sent? Where can I watch the logfile in which.
Maybe do you an idea, how I can resolve it?

Many thanks for your feedbacks


Just before the final dial command insert some Noop to check the callerid that you send

same => n,Noop(Caller id number is ${CALLERID(number)})
same => n,Noop(Caller id name is ${CALLERID(name)})

There are facilities to get very detailed tracing of ISDN signalling, but as I don’t use ISDN I am not familiar with how to enable these.

If you haven’t made a change, it may be the service provider has tried to make their caller ID handling more secure. Do they know that all the numbers are owned by you?