Asterix & ticketing

I want to integrate the Asterix with a helpdesk system in a web interface.
The main idea is:
When I have an incoming call the web interface must show the caller ID, and some personal info about the caller.
It’s lke to integrate a CRM with Asterix.
It’s posible to do that?? Does anyone have done that before??

Yes it is.

Yes I did it, Asterisk + Sugar CRM.


Marco Bruni

And how did you do it?

Is there a module for sugar?

I’m using Sugar 5.0.0.b and Asterisk 1.2.13

Thank you.

There isn’t a module for Sugar, or at least I don’t know anyone.
I just created a phagi script to lookup for the caller id in the Sugar database, when a call comes in, this script put a record in a mysql database (where also there is the connection between Asterisk extensions and Sugar users), which contains the Sugar id of the caller, if found; the Sugar user does not connect to the normal index page of the Sugar, he connects to a different index page, where in one frame there is the Sugar index page, in the other frame a php script that checks in the database every 5 seconds to see if there is a record that means there is a call from us, it there is it shows a link with the Sugar id of the caller, clicking on the link the Sugar frame goes to the account page of the caller, if the caller is unknown just the number is shown, no link.
I’m sorry I don’t have access to this system anymore and so I can’t tell you more about, I planned to setup this for the company I work for now, when it will be ready I’ll add an article to my website, and then I’ll add a post in the documentation forum.


Marco Bruni

I found something that i need but it doesn’t work in new sugar 5

Thanks for now.

I am looking to develop something along these lines. I am going to be using OTRS as a helpdesk and want to integrate this with Asterisk. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Thats interesting…i’m also using OTRS.

Looking forward to it.