Asterisk to Raspberry pi ISP (For dial-up)

Hello everybody,

I am working on getting some old computers connected to the internet via Dial-up.
At the moment I have an Asterisk server running and some Analog phone line converters (Cisco SPA-112)
So bassicly i have a analog phone in which telephones can call with eachother via Asterisk.
This also works for the dial-up modems since they act like telephones, i can call with a computer to a telephone with this.

What I now would like to do is install an Raspberry pi which acts as an ISP.
So, I want Asterisk to couple the incomming phone line to the raspberry pi if a specific phone number is called.
And make it possible to have internet to the calling phone / dial-up modem.

I hope somebody can help me out with the raspberry pi and ISP side of the system.

If my story is not completely clear please let me know.
Thanks in advance.


If you live in San Diego county and you’re getting screwed at $0.57/kWh (peak TOU), you may want to consider dumping those old space heaters with Raspberry Pis.

I’m not following what you want to accomplish.

A drawing and a bit more narrative may help.

Hi Sedwards,

thanks for oyur reply.
By old computers Mean like the 80’s (Commodore 64, Compaq portable etc.)
I hope the picture below explains some things.

To make a phone call you will for example pick up the phone on phone line 1 which is connected to the spa-112 #1.
if you dial 0002, the asterisk server will connect line 1 to line 2. which will make the phone on phone line 2 ring.
and if picked up there can be a conversation over these 2 phones.

The same will work when the computer dials via the modem to one of the phones.
Asterisk sees the computer as a telephone which has number 0003 assigned to it.
the phone on the phone number the computer has dialed will ring. (There will be digital signals heared when the phone is picked up)

So now i would like to have a ISP to which Asterisk can connect with its own set phone number.
lets say we give the ISP number 0004. so when the computer dials 0004, Asterisk has to connect the Phone line 1 of SPA-112 #2 to the ISP (maybe a raspberry pi) to get Internet to the vintage computer.

Let me know if you have any ideas or additional questions.
Thanks again.


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