Modem support

Hi All,

i was after some advice, my company has an isdn30 telephony connection, i have specced up a server including a card to connect to the isdn (1TE121BF, One (1) span digital T1/E1/J1/PRI PCI-Express x1 card and hardware echo cancellation), however outside of my original requirement document i have been informed that i need to ensure we are able to do analog modem (dial up) over the isdn.

i am unsure if this is possible with asterisk and even if it is we are hoping to move to sip trunking further down the line in this project and need to know if we can use dial up modems at that point.

can you offer some advice please?



The closest you’re going to get is this: … n_DAHDIRAS

but that won’t help you if you need analog modem emulation.

Good luck.

i cant seem to find any information on what specificaly this will allow me to do. What we need to be able to do is make outbound modem connections through asterisk to the isdn30 and out to the wider world.

i hope that your able to clarify this for me.



Thought you were talking about inbound.

We don’t provide soft-modems which you can dial out to external modems, except for the fax support we provide, sorry.