...with no hardware

i’m gonna buy some hardware with asterisk, but not for a little while. i want to know what features are available if i set up asterisk with my internal modem on a linux server?


What do you mean “with my internal modem”? Are you using that modem to connect the server to the internet?

If you’ve got broadband, you can get a SIP or IAX account with an internet telephony service provider, which can allow you to make calls out to the PSTN and receive calls in from the PSTN - as well as making and receiving calls to/from other internet telphony users for free.

Read this book:

voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … +Telephony

and check out documentation here:


i’ve got broadband, and i’m using that to connect to the internet. what i’m talking about is taking my secondary phone line that comes into the house and connecting that to my internal modem, and when someone calls that line, asterisk would answer it. it’s not being used as an internet connection.

as far as i know that’s not possible - i don’t think a standard modem can be used as a FXO substitute.

you can get a tdm10b for about 115 bucks though, or an x100p for 130.

i’d be interested if there is a way to use an analog modem though - post it if you’ve got it!