Is this possible?

Hello All,

I recently started playing with Asterisk. Before I invest too much time and energy I would like to know if Asterisk can solve my problem.

Can the experts please let me know or point to some resources.

Problem I am trying to solve:

  1. is it possible to initiate a call from Asterisk (running on Raspberry Pi or my desktop computer) through a analog phone (make an out going call from my PSTN landline)
  2. once the call is in progress can Asterisk initiate a second call on VoIP ?
  3. once the second call is in progress can Asterisk connect the first call and the second call together (it’s like conference call but instead of people dialling in, Asterisk dials out and connects two parties; one on analog PSTN phone and the other on VoIP)

Can the above thing be done using Asterisk ? It will be great if I can get some help in terms of documents or links. If it’s possible I would love to get started with modifying the code accordingly or integrating the parts accordingly.


I have done this task , using the originate command.

That’s great. Thanks for that. Could you please share some more information on how to go about doing it ? Did you use a special hardware ? I am thinking of using Linksys SPA 3102 which should be really easy to do it but wondering if there are cheaper options.

Apart from the Linksys SPA3102 is there is cheaper option ?


Apart from the Linksys SPA3102 is there is cheaper option ?


There is no need of special hardware. But cheap hardware = poor quality of service and low performance.