Asterisk <> Skype. Any solution?

I was happily using SipToSIS until Skype made some improvements and removed the public API. I can still receive calls (from some Skype correspondents) into Asterisk using this method but cannot make calls from Asterisk to Skype.

For I while I was using but that stopped working a while ago, so I guess Skype put paid to that.

So my question: does anybody have a working solution? Or should I just forget about Skype, like Microsoft seem to want?


I thought skype provided SIP access to their voice network.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, there is Skype Connect which is a subscription-based service although despite searching the web I cannot find the cost of a SIP Profile.

I should have mentioned that I was looking for a free solution for personal, rather than business, use.

I believe Skye cancelled their licensing for the Asterisk Skype module, to technical issues apart, it hasn’t been legal for new users to use it for several years.