Asterisk connected to Skype: YES, the day has come

do you care if asterisk and skype connect seamlessly?

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  • what is Skype?
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According to the press release hot off Astricon at Mark’s wish (and a lot of our wishes as well) has finally become a reality. Asterisk and Skype working together! There’s a beta you need to jump on immediately.

Go for it!

We’ll be chatting about this and other Astricon news tomorrow at 12 Noon EDT on the VoIP Users Conference - please join us and take part

fyi - Your first link has an extra “m” in it. . .

THANKS for that!

I have listed a bunch of reactions to the announcement here:

If anyone has more interesting ones, please send them to me via the delicious for:voipusersconference mechanism.

We’ll be talking later today about this. Hope you all can make it.


Unless asterisk/skype GPLs the Skype channel module source code, this offers only good for those who use asterisk on an x86 platform.

I hate the way skype will use the end users computer as a super node. How will it work with asterisk ? No thanks to lots of extra crap. More and people are noticing that skype is a “1 trick poney”. You can do it with asterisk and save a bunch of head aches and lots of less crap on your computer.