Asterisk and Skype

Is anyone using Asterisk with Skype? If so, how do you connect, etc.? I’m wondering if I can automatically connect Asterisk to skype to make and receive phone calls?

There are boxes out there that will do this but you still have to have a card in the pbx that supports lines. I’d like not to have to do that and make calls directly over the internet. Is this possible? How do you do it?

BTW: I’m new to askterisk and don’t even have it installed yet so don’t be afraid to overwhelm me with information. :open_mouth:

no overwhelming required … just a wiki search :

at the bottom is an Asterisk chan_skype implementation. i know little more than that as it’s outside my sphere of interest, and running Skype on my Asterisk server is a no-no.


I second that baconbuttie. I HATE SKYPE !!! When will big corporations learn that open source ISN’T the end of the world ??

When I show Skype users the EULA they agreed to, and they experience the havoc it causes on their networks, most people ditch Skype.

But you have to give Skype their due, the audio quality is good … but only Skype-Skype, and only because they are not constrainted by the frequency limits of regular telco equipment.

I’ve got 3 visits this month to corporates who deployed Skype and now want their bandwidth and PCs back :smiley: