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I am trying to find a solution to the following requirement: When you enter a specific queue and the waiting time is long, give the caller a chance to hang up and when he is in the first position in the queue he will automatically enter the call to your phone and will be in the first position.

Any ideas?

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Estoy tratando de buscar solución al siguiente requerimiento: Cuando entre a una cola especifica y el tiempo de espera sea largo le de la posibilidad a la persona que llama que cuelgue y cuando este en la primera posición en la cola automáticamente le entre la llamada a su teléfono y quedara en la primera posición.

Alguna idea?

You can do that, yes. Check out the “context” option in /etc/asterisk/queues.conf to let the user schedule the call back by pressing a digit, then flesh out /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf

I would like to know the parameters that should be placed in queues and extensions, could you help me

On the queues.conf file use the option

A context may be specified, in which if the user types a SINGLE
; digit extension while they are in the queue, they will be taken out
; of the queue and sent to that extension in this context.
;context = qoutcon

On the queue() app use the option : position - Attempt to enter the caller into the queue at the numerical position specified. 1 would attempt to enter the caller at the head of the queue, and 3 would attempt to place the caller third in the queue.

For call back use originate command or AMI Originate action, of course this is just the basic, you will need to put all those pieces together and write your own code


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